Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miracles Do Happen

Yesterday, I managed to complete the lab experiment by 4.30pm.
Usually,my group is always the last,but luckily we completed it earlier.
While walking towards V4, one thing popped-up on my mind.
I must finish off the slide this evening and rehearse at night.
However,when I got back to my room, and switch on the laptop.
There is no display on the monitor.
Black screen!!
What had happened?
I was panicked.
I tried to calm myself down.
Switched off the laptop again.
Something was not right somewhere.
Quickly, I had my shower.
Frankly,it was the only way I could think to cool down.
After taking my shower, I performed the Asar prayer and recited Ma'thurat.
I prayed very hard that the laptop would be fine.
Then, I tried my luck again this time.
Stay the same.Black screen.
Oh,what should I do?
Just wait until Maghrib.
Try to contact Farouk and Bejan.
Bejan asked me to put the laptop in the fridge and get the new monitor.
Sounds ridiculuos right?
But,it works sometimes.
Farouk seemed to be busy.
Bejan said,"It would be a hardware problem.Pray for the miracle to happen. Best of luck."
Put aside the problem for a while.
Watched new slot of drama, Adammaya.
It's adapted from the Movie,I'm Not single.
But the main role is different except Lisa Surihani.
I tried to switch it on again but the similar things happened.
I got worried.
Try to connect my pendrive to my roommate's laptop and get started to do the slide all over again.
Unfortunately, all the desired files were not in.
Give up.
Luckily, Mr Google did help me a lot.
From page to page, I went through to figure out the solutions to troubleshoot my laptop problem.
One page captivated me.
Went through the instructions.
Sound weird.
But everyone who had tried it, commented that the instructions really work well.
So, I decided to follow the instructions.
Who knows, it would work well to me too.
I followed exactly the each step of the instructions.
Before I switched on the laptop, I prayed really hard for miracles to happen.
Luckily, MIRACLES did happen.
I'm so grateful.
Thank God!!
Everything happens for a reason.
Now, I know how to troubleshoot the problem by myself.
If it is ever happened again, I know how to cater it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend at V4E-S4,UTP

Perfect weekend!
5 major activities:
-watching tv

what a waste!!
OMG, tomorrow is Monday!!
What did I do this weekend??
Just the 5 activities as stated above.
I learn how to cook well. My roommate,Lina is my sifu.:D
Thanks a bunch Lina for being a good teacher and also a good cook.
I'm gaining weight,okay!!haha
If abah and mama knew this....
I don't know.
Yeah, I realize that I have less than 40 days for final exam but I just don't get the right mood to study.
I need a driving force.
Please help me!!
May be it has been 4 months my hormone is not normal. That's why my mood swings like I'm having PMS although I'm not. Never.
Just hoping that tomorrow will be better.
I'll get my new spectacles tomorrow.
New spectacles.New look.New chapter of my life.
Hopefully,I'll be a hardworking student soon.
Nerd??it's good for the sake of my result I guess.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rainy days

[Ja Rule]
Hey yeah
Rule Baby, heh
Mary J. Blige
Murda INC.


It's just those rainy days
Spend a lifetime tryin' to wash away
Until the sun comes out and shines again
Smile for me, smile for me

All of Those rainy days
Spend your lifetime tryin' to wash away
Til the sun shines and I see your face
Smile at me, smile at me

Verse 1

We were always living so crazy and sexy and cool
And we begin to love it (begin to love it)
Watchin all of the heartache and pain of the world
And thinkin nothin of it ( thinkin nothin of it)
Baby I got a love for you
And I know that you got me, baby (got me baby)
But every time the sun shines bright
It get so cloudy yeaaa


[M]- Nobody loves the rain
[J]- Can't stand it, It always seem to fall
[M]- Baby handle it
Baby didn't we tell ya before about chasin those waterfalls
(chasin waterfalls)
[Both]- Yeah (Repeat)

Verse 2
Mary baby
Sometimes the Rule don't mind the rain
It kinda feels like I'm drownin in the Lords pain
Until the sun comes out and shines again
Smile, give me reason to keep belivin
That everything ain't misleadin
And I, kiss the clouds on a rainy days
And, smile for you when ya skies are gray
Babe, cuz imma tear drop away from cryin
And few shots away from dyin
Dear Lord, would you shower my pain
Let it rain, let it rain on me
While I cherish the air I breathe
I'm an angel, that can't soar, can't fly
And I, mastered Lord knows why


Verse 3
I feel like an angel (Mend my broken wings)
So I can soar again (Lord let me in)
Baby through all the passion the pain and the hurt,
I feel like I'm fallin, Yeah
And givin love to those that, Spread love
And for those who can't take it , Stand up
Baby we gon make it
In the words of Marvin Gay
War is not the answer


Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile
Til the sun shines
Just smile for me
Just smile for me, just smile at me
Knowin in your heart that we are free
Free to believe, whateva we feel
so feel something real, baby

The bold one is my favorite part of this song.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

Sometimes, I wonder how could Pak Tam and Pak Mir do that to their parents?
Tok Wan and Tok are very nice person.
Every Friday, my big family will gather at Tok Teh's house. We'll be having our lunch together.We'll be back after Maghrib. Sometimes, I stay overnight especially if Achik and Angah Wi are around,:) I love spending time with them.
One day, we were at the sitting room, having some cups of coffee or tea.
(noted,cups okay?not sips,haha)
And Tok Teh brought up the old story, the secret that she had kept for more than 30 years.
While she was talking, we could see from her eyes the feeling of madness and sadness were mixed up.Tears rolled down her cheeks.
We were shocked and puzzled to know about the secret.
If I were in her shoes, I would feel the same.
Who on earth can forget the bad memories happened in front of our eyes?
How could she forget the moment her own sister was beaten by the husband?
How could she erase the memory when the flying shoes hit her own sister's head?
How could she bare to see that the brother-in-law take every single cent of the sister's money for selling nasi lemak?
Her sister was suffering too much and finally they got divorced.
Her sister was my late Grandmother.
Al-fatihah to Tok Meah.
Tok Meah was passed away because of mouth cancer when my lovely mom was in form 5 .
Since then, my mom was taken care by her grandparents,uncles and aunties.
My mom was a single child. Unfortunately, she was abandoned by her own father who supposed to take care,raise her up. However, she was lucky enough to have a such a wonderful big family to share their love with her. That's why until now my mom and her cousins are very close. They are like siblings. And so do us,the children. We often spend time together when we are on holidays.
After listening to the stories, I mumbled to myself.
"Oh, now I know why Pak Tam and Pak Mir are like that. What comes around,goes around. Tok Wan had abandoned my mom and now his own children abandoned him.Hopefully, Pak Tam and Pak Mir will change. May Allah bless them always."
The past is the past.
I'm glad that our relationship with our grandparents of both sides are stronger day by day.
Opah and Wan have changed a lot.
They're very concern and care about my siblings now,unlike when we were kids.
I don't want to recall all those bad memories because now the things are different.
The past is the past.
Don't forget the past but make it as your guidance and reference for your voyage of the future.

p/s:Al-fatihah buat allahyarham Din Beramboi who had passed away this morning because of haemorrhagic dengue fever. Mudah-mudahan beliau akan ditempatkan di kalangan org yg beriman.InsyaAllah.
I just cant stop crying the moment I heard about his death. I'll miss his jokes.He's a legend.

first entry

My first entry.
Special thanks to my roommate,the one who always encourages me to create my own blog.
I love doing blog-walking.
Sometimes, I'm amazed with the thoughts and how the people convey and express their feelings and opinions through their own blogs.
I have thought about creating my own blog before,but always procrastinating it day by day.
Finally, i create it tonight.
1st April.( Happy Birthday Ewa!!~)
This week is the most terrible week I ever had in UTP I guess.
I had 3 tests, 2 of them are my major subjects.
For the first time in my entire life as a student,I was blank during the test.
I could not explain my feelings at that time.
I was blurred.Nothing in my mind like I was not prepared at all.
OMG.What had happened?
Urm,I heart naj's status very much.
Yeah.Totally agree with that.
Hopefully, everything's gonna be alright next week.
What I had this hectic+miserable week is too much.
I cant bear with this anymore.
I need some break this weekend.
Need to sort out few things.
Be strong,Mira!!