Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend at V4E-S4,UTP

Perfect weekend!
5 major activities:
-watching tv

what a waste!!
OMG, tomorrow is Monday!!
What did I do this weekend??
Just the 5 activities as stated above.
I learn how to cook well. My roommate,Lina is my sifu.:D
Thanks a bunch Lina for being a good teacher and also a good cook.
I'm gaining weight,okay!!haha
If abah and mama knew this....
I don't know.
Yeah, I realize that I have less than 40 days for final exam but I just don't get the right mood to study.
I need a driving force.
Please help me!!
May be it has been 4 months my hormone is not normal. That's why my mood swings like I'm having PMS although I'm not. Never.
Just hoping that tomorrow will be better.
I'll get my new spectacles tomorrow.
New spectacles.New look.New chapter of my life.
Hopefully,I'll be a hardworking student soon.
Nerd??it's good for the sake of my result I guess.

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