Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

Sometimes, I wonder how could Pak Tam and Pak Mir do that to their parents?
Tok Wan and Tok are very nice person.
Every Friday, my big family will gather at Tok Teh's house. We'll be having our lunch together.We'll be back after Maghrib. Sometimes, I stay overnight especially if Achik and Angah Wi are around,:) I love spending time with them.
One day, we were at the sitting room, having some cups of coffee or tea.
(noted,cups okay?not sips,haha)
And Tok Teh brought up the old story, the secret that she had kept for more than 30 years.
While she was talking, we could see from her eyes the feeling of madness and sadness were mixed up.Tears rolled down her cheeks.
We were shocked and puzzled to know about the secret.
If I were in her shoes, I would feel the same.
Who on earth can forget the bad memories happened in front of our eyes?
How could she forget the moment her own sister was beaten by the husband?
How could she erase the memory when the flying shoes hit her own sister's head?
How could she bare to see that the brother-in-law take every single cent of the sister's money for selling nasi lemak?
Her sister was suffering too much and finally they got divorced.
Her sister was my late Grandmother.
Al-fatihah to Tok Meah.
Tok Meah was passed away because of mouth cancer when my lovely mom was in form 5 .
Since then, my mom was taken care by her grandparents,uncles and aunties.
My mom was a single child. Unfortunately, she was abandoned by her own father who supposed to take care,raise her up. However, she was lucky enough to have a such a wonderful big family to share their love with her. That's why until now my mom and her cousins are very close. They are like siblings. And so do us,the children. We often spend time together when we are on holidays.
After listening to the stories, I mumbled to myself.
"Oh, now I know why Pak Tam and Pak Mir are like that. What comes around,goes around. Tok Wan had abandoned my mom and now his own children abandoned him.Hopefully, Pak Tam and Pak Mir will change. May Allah bless them always."
The past is the past.
I'm glad that our relationship with our grandparents of both sides are stronger day by day.
Opah and Wan have changed a lot.
They're very concern and care about my siblings now,unlike when we were kids.
I don't want to recall all those bad memories because now the things are different.
The past is the past.
Don't forget the past but make it as your guidance and reference for your voyage of the future.

p/s:Al-fatihah buat allahyarham Din Beramboi who had passed away this morning because of haemorrhagic dengue fever. Mudah-mudahan beliau akan ditempatkan di kalangan org yg beriman.InsyaAllah.
I just cant stop crying the moment I heard about his death. I'll miss his jokes.He's a legend.

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