Thursday, April 1, 2010

first entry

My first entry.
Special thanks to my roommate,the one who always encourages me to create my own blog.
I love doing blog-walking.
Sometimes, I'm amazed with the thoughts and how the people convey and express their feelings and opinions through their own blogs.
I have thought about creating my own blog before,but always procrastinating it day by day.
Finally, i create it tonight.
1st April.( Happy Birthday Ewa!!~)
This week is the most terrible week I ever had in UTP I guess.
I had 3 tests, 2 of them are my major subjects.
For the first time in my entire life as a student,I was blank during the test.
I could not explain my feelings at that time.
I was blurred.Nothing in my mind like I was not prepared at all.
OMG.What had happened?
Urm,I heart naj's status very much.
Yeah.Totally agree with that.
Hopefully, everything's gonna be alright next week.
What I had this hectic+miserable week is too much.
I cant bear with this anymore.
I need some break this weekend.
Need to sort out few things.
Be strong,Mira!!