Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miracles Do Happen

Yesterday, I managed to complete the lab experiment by 4.30pm.
Usually,my group is always the last,but luckily we completed it earlier.
While walking towards V4, one thing popped-up on my mind.
I must finish off the slide this evening and rehearse at night.
However,when I got back to my room, and switch on the laptop.
There is no display on the monitor.
Black screen!!
What had happened?
I was panicked.
I tried to calm myself down.
Switched off the laptop again.
Something was not right somewhere.
Quickly, I had my shower.
Frankly,it was the only way I could think to cool down.
After taking my shower, I performed the Asar prayer and recited Ma'thurat.
I prayed very hard that the laptop would be fine.
Then, I tried my luck again this time.
Stay the same.Black screen.
Oh,what should I do?
Just wait until Maghrib.
Try to contact Farouk and Bejan.
Bejan asked me to put the laptop in the fridge and get the new monitor.
Sounds ridiculuos right?
But,it works sometimes.
Farouk seemed to be busy.
Bejan said,"It would be a hardware problem.Pray for the miracle to happen. Best of luck."
Put aside the problem for a while.
Watched new slot of drama, Adammaya.
It's adapted from the Movie,I'm Not single.
But the main role is different except Lisa Surihani.
I tried to switch it on again but the similar things happened.
I got worried.
Try to connect my pendrive to my roommate's laptop and get started to do the slide all over again.
Unfortunately, all the desired files were not in.
Give up.
Luckily, Mr Google did help me a lot.
From page to page, I went through to figure out the solutions to troubleshoot my laptop problem.
One page captivated me.
Went through the instructions.
Sound weird.
But everyone who had tried it, commented that the instructions really work well.
So, I decided to follow the instructions.
Who knows, it would work well to me too.
I followed exactly the each step of the instructions.
Before I switched on the laptop, I prayed really hard for miracles to happen.
Luckily, MIRACLES did happen.
I'm so grateful.
Thank God!!
Everything happens for a reason.
Now, I know how to troubleshoot the problem by myself.
If it is ever happened again, I know how to cater it.


  1. mira if i can suggest.. letak la chatbox. hehe. btw, gulak wit yr life. ak ade tagko dlm my post. so, plz reply. ^^

  2. mira, share la mcm ne mira troubleshoot laptop mira tu. huhu.